Fire Fighting



High-performance hose, in accordance with DIN 14811 level 3


  • Fire brigade
  • Industry
  • Military
  • Disaster relief


  • Burst pressure over 80 bar for high performance reserves
  • Very small bending radius resulting in less kinking = longer lifespan
  • The perfect C-hose for indoor firefighting
  • Extremely high abrasion resistance thanks to special G&H 4Z system
  • Distinctive design for high visibility in indoor firefighting through contrasting weave
  • Clearly exceeds level 3 requirements (DIN 14811/A2) for abrasion
  • Standard G&H HOSE GUARD protects against coupling defects
  • Stainless-steel wire hose binding
  • Less susceptible to tangling and stretching
  • Suitable for all types of hose washing systems
  • High-grade EPDM rubber lining, flexible at low temperatures, suitable also for hot water
  • This type of rubber guarantees a very smooth lining with low friction loss
  • Very good adhesion between the rubber and jacket
The combination of special rubber, the G&H 4Z system and flatline vulcanisation leads to much greater flexibility and optimised use for hose carrying baskets and hose packs.


Working pressure:
Specifications apply only to the hose (medium water, 20°C). The potential working pressure may be lower than specified above for hose lines with couplings due to the nominal pressure of the couplings or the type of assembly.

Maximum working pressure:
Approval can only be given by the manufacturer upon clarification of the exact area of application.

Standard length

Up to 60 m

Standard color

Neon yellow with 4 orange stripes
Neon orange with 4 yellow stripes (only available in Ø 42mm)


–40°C to +80°C (specifications apply to water)

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Bore size in inch
Weight in g/m
Bursting pressure in bar / PSI
Bend radius in mm
DIN level
1 160 100 / 1450 300 DIN 14811
1 2/3 265 85 / 1235 420 3 DIN 14811
2 330 90 / 1305 600 3 DIN 14811
3 545 80 / 1160 905 3 DIN 14811
4 1/3 810 55 / 800 1.360 DIN 14811