The new binding system, designed and developed by Gollmer & Hummel.

Our GH EASY-FIX system has now been established on the market and is used by many fire brigades. After receiving feedback and ideas from users especially for our assembly device, we have worked these into a new, modified version – GH EASY-FIX evo2



    • Lighter in weight
    • Easier to handle and space saving
    • assembly is possible upright or flat

    With our system you can continue to use your conventional DIN pressure couplings (2008 or later) in sizes C / 42 / C / 52 / B / 75. The GH EASY-FIX mounting device makes assembly and disassembly even for the inexperienced child's play. In addition, you benefit from the enormous time and cost savings compared to conventional wire binding.



      • All GH EASY-FIX components are reusable
      • Thanks to the retrofit kit, consisting of inner and outer sleeve, existing DIN pressure couplings can be used
      • The hose is pressed in a form-fitting manner, no shifting is possible
      • The cone-shaped outer sleeve also serves as an edge glider and prevents it from getting caught on obstacles such asridges, corners and steps
      • Cost and time saving
      • Easy to use
      • Safe installation


      Do you have to pay attention to different wall thicknesses of the hoses?

      Yes. For size B / 75 there are 2 sizes of inner sleeve:

      • Size 1 (black inner ring) covers hose walls 1,9mm - 2,1mm
        • GH products: all textile hoses except size 2
      • Size 2 (blue inner ring) covers hose walls 2,2mm - 2,5mm
        • GH products: GH TITAN X-TREME; GH PROGRESS
      • Size C 42 (green inner ring) covers hose walls 1,6mm - 2,0mm
        • Size C 52 (red inner ring) covers hose walls 1,6mm - 2,0mm
        • Size D 25 (black inner ring) covers hose walls 1,6mm - 2,0mm

        • Which GH hoses can be used?

          All GH fabric hoses. Due to their nature, PU hoses are unfortunately not suitable, despite the wall thickness. 

          Can hoses from other manufacturers be used?

          We have tested various models for compatibility. Basically, each hose must be tested for diameter and wall thickness before installation and subjected to a pressure test in accordance with DIN 14811 after assembly.




      Download PDF datasheet

      Download assembly instruction