Like many other sites, we use cookies on our website. These help us to constantly enhance the online experience of visitors to our website and to tailor website content to their specific needs. The following explains what cookies are, which cookies we use and how you can manage and delete them.


Cookies are small amounts of information that are automatically placed on your computer’s hard drive by your browser (Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.). Cookies serve a number of different purposes, in particular to improve the user-friendliness of our websites. For instance, a cookie can “remember” your preferences to prevent you from having to “re-enter” them every time you visit the website. Incidentally, the purpose of the cookies used by us and/or our external service providers is primarily to analyse traffic, to evaluate user behaviour on our website and thus to enable the continuous optimisation of our websites. Cookies are either placed directly by our websites (first-party cookies) or by other websites with content on our site (third-party cookies). Depending on their functionality and purpose, cookies can be split into four different categories:

Necessary cookies:
Necessary cookies are essential to enable you to move around a website and use its features. Without these cookies, the full functionality of the website cannot be guaranteed.

Performance cookies:
Performance cookies collect information about how you use a website, e.g. which pages you visit most often and any error messages you encounter. They are used exclusively to improve the performance of a website and thus the user experience. Performance cookies do not collect information that allows you to be identified as an individual – website visitors thus remain anonymous.

Functionality cookies:
Functionality cookies allow a website to remember the choices you make (e.g. username, language, type size). This helps to provide a more personalised visitor experience and improve site functionality. These cookies only collect anonymised data.

Marketing cookies:
Marketing cookies are used to deliver content that is more relevant to your interests and to tailor advertisements to your specific needs. They are also used to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. The information collected may therefore be shared with third parties, e.g. advertisers.


Cookie name




2 years

Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how visitors use the website


End of session

This is a standard TYPO3 session cookie. It stores the access data entered by users to log in to a closed area.


End of session

This cookie tells the website whether a TYPO3 back-end user has logged in and has the right to administrate the site.


End of session

Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how visitors use the website


End of session

Is used by Google Analytics to limit the request rate


You can block, delete and manage cookies in a number of ways. Most browsers allow you to accept or reject all cookies. There is also the option of accepting only certain types of cookies. Instructions are generally provided in the browser’s Help section or on the website of the respective provider:

Mozilla Firefox:

Google Chrome:

Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Apple Safari:


Please be aware that you may not be able to make full use of all functions available on our website if you disable the use of cookies in your browser settings. In certain cases, some settings may have to be manually set every time you visit the site. More information is available at: