Making history
with hoses since 1872

It all began almost 150 years ago in the little Black Forest town of Neuenbürg near Pforzheim, Germany, when master rope-maker Friedrich Gollmer produced the very first hose in his own factory. This laid the foundations for GOLLMER & HUMMEL’s success.
Forever on the lookout for the perfect hose, the ‘mechanical hemp hose weaver and rope-making factory’ quickly made a name for itself with its numerous product innovations and great pioneering spirit. The hoses soon proved their worth in daily use, demonstrating their ability both in fighting flames and on all other real lifesaving missions – becoming more high-performance by the day.

Anyone doing business for almost 150 years knows what counts. We have played our part in making hoses what they are today: high-performance tools for people who give their all every day.

The independent family enterprise is now being run by fifth-generation family members. Its future-oriented, performance-driven corporate structure makes it ideally equipped to face the challenges of the market. State-of-the-art machinery, top-qualified staff and the experience gained over little under a century and a half, in which we have constantly driven the search for the perfect hose, make us one of the world’s leading hose suppliers – pulling out all the stops for your success.